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Lingmei History

1995  ——   Anhui bright sporting goods co., ltd. was established.

2005  ——   Anhui bright sporting goods co., LTD. Liudian branch established.

2008  ——   Anhui zhengda sporting goods co., LTD was established.

2010  ——   Lingmei brand begins to move toward the market successfully.

2011  —— Ling mei participated in China sports expo for the first time.

2012  —— Lingmei sponsors the Chinese badminton super league.

2013  —— CCTV "meet" interview ling mei.

2014  —— Ling mei appeared at the 32nd China sports expo.

Jun. 2015 —— Shanxi yuncheng lingmei badminton invitational tournament has ended perfectly.

Jul. 2015  —— Lingmei cup, the third Wuhu badminton league started.

Aug. 2015 —— The 2nd Changsha "lingmei Leap cup" badminton invitational tournament finished.

Dec. 2015 —— Ling mei sponsored the Anhui provincial badminton championship.

Mar. 2016 —— Lingmei is a special sponsor of the 2016 red bull city badminton competition.

Apr. 2016 —— Lingmei signed Anhui provincial badminton team, hand in hand,progress together.

Apr. 2016 —— Ling mei with Anhui style architectural appearance of the 34th China sports expo.

May. 2016 —— Lingmei sponsors Inner Mongolia feather forest competition.

Jun. 2016  —— Lingmei sponsors badminton team competitions in Singapore, Xiamen and Anhui.

Jul. 2016 —— Lingmei staff rushed to the flood relief scene.

Aug. 2016 ——Lingmei sponsors Anhui provincial junior championship.

Sept. 2016 —— Ling mei Xinjiang test match.

Oct. 2016 —— Fujian provincial national games Shanghai hangzhou division "lingmei cup" badminton team competition.

Nov. 2016 —— Xi 'an "Lingmei cup" Yingmei badminton gym mixed team invitational tournament.

Dec. 2016 ——"Lingmei cup" Nanchang junior badminton invitational tournament.

Mar. 2017 —— Pingyang county "LingmeiDetai" cup team invitational tournament.

Apr. 2017 ——Henan Lingmei, China sports lottery celebrity cup badminton match.

May. 2017 —— The 2nd enshi state coliseum cup ling mei badminton mixed team invitational tournament.

May. 2017 —— Lingmei was attending at the 35th China sports expo in Shanghai.

Jun. 2017 —— Shandong national fitness games "lingmei cup" final competition.

Jul. 2017 —— Lingmei cup "national east-west south central competition langfang branch.

Aug. 2017 —— "Lingmei cup" badminton competition of the first Wuhu citizens games.

Aug. 2017 —— Anhui provincial government, provincial sports bureau leaders visit lingmei inspection guidance.

Sept. 2017 —— Lingmei cup Hefei badminton league.

Oct. 2017 —— China sports lottery - "lingmei cup" Shandong province badminton championship match.

Nov. 2017 —— Sporting city "Ling mei Miao yu" cup badminton mixed team competition.

Jan. 2018 —— Ling mei sponsors the 1st badminton youth elite competition (team).

Jan. 2018 —— Lingmei badminton is accredited by the world badminton federation and used in international competitions.

Apr. 2018 —— "Lingmei cup" designated badminton ball for Weihai national Sport games.

Apr. 2018 —— Lingmei sports was invited to attend the 2018 Smaifu badminton industry summit.

May. 2018 ——Lingmei cup Bengbu Chinese international invitational tournament.

Jun. 2018 —— Lingmei sponsored the Anhui division of the national east-west north-south badminton competition.

Jun. 2018 —— Lingmei sports was invited to attend the Zhongyu summit midyear ceremony.

Jul. 2018 —— Ling mei title sponsor China sports lottery Lingmei cup Jiangxi youth badminton championship.

Jul. 2018 —— Lingmei sports Thanks Party was successfully held in Weifang aquatic palace.

Aug. 2018 —— Anhui lingmei badminton team and Italian badminton team exchange training.

Aug. 2018 —— Lingmei cup Anhui provincial youth badminton championship was successfully held in Tongcheng.

Sept. 2018 —— The 8th national fitness games of Shandong province "Zhonghao jiaxin - Lingmei cup" badminton final competition has ended successfully.

Oct. 2018 —— Ling mei sponsors "fengtai cup" Anhui provincial badminton championship.

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