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Lingmei and GOSEN officially start strategic partnership!

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Starting from December 1, 2019, anhui Lingmei sporting goods co., ltd. will formally start strategic cooperation with Japan's GOSEN co., LTD., and become the general agent of GOSEN China, responsible for GOSEN (high fiber) brand in China.

The two sides will jointly commit themselves to the badminton cause, uphold the cooperation principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, innovation and win-win", and make greater achievements in the promotion and development of badminton racket line, badminton racket, badminton shuttlecock, badminton racket over grip, badminton suit, badminton bag and other badminton related peripheral products in the industry.

Established in 1951, GOSEN corporation is located in Osaka, Japan. It has been recognized by many world-class players for its high quality ball line and Zhang-Ren threading method. 

Lingmei and GOSEN formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Founded in 1951 to produce the first synthetic ball thread: nylon.

In 1960, hy-sheep, the world's longest-selling ball and thread variety, was developed.

In 1996, GOSEN's badminton line was the first and the only one recognized by the international badminton federation.

In 2004, "zhang ren" threading was promoted.

In 2007, R4X four-child core was developed.

In 2013, R4XRYUBI 66 dragon was specially developed for Asia.

In 2015, we developed g-tone steel series ball thread.

G-pro 70 and g-pro 66 feather lines were developed in 2017.

"Zhang ren" is actually a Japanese character, not Chinese . The pronunciation of "HARIBITO" "zhang ren" is a dignified name for a threading master.

In the future, anhui ling mei sporting goods co., ltd. will go forward hand in hand with GOSEN of Japan, continue to work hard, continue to explore, jointly promote the badminton career, to provide more badminton lovers with better and better services!

"Sincerely recruit outstanding dealers in China, and create a bright future of badminton career together with GOSEN".

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