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2019 "China sports lottery - lingmei cup" shandong province badminton championship is about to start!

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The wonderful performance of the badminton players in the China sports lottery - Lingmei cup Shandong province badminton championship is still vivid in my mind!

Now, in this October, and ushered in the "China sports lottery - lingmei cup shandong province badminton championship", I believe that will be more intense and exciting! Let's look forward to it together!

Oct 25 -- oct 31, 2019

Zaozhuang sports center

Lingmei no.5

The competition consists of men's team, women's team, men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

The sports teams that have won the first eight places in each group of the 2019 shandong provincial badminton championship, the athletes who have won the first 16 places in each individual event of group A, group A, group B and group B, and the athletes who have won the first 32 places in each individual event of group B are eligible to enter for the championship.

Host unit

Shandong table tennis and badminton sports management center.


Zaozhuang sports bureau


Zaozhuang sports center

Shandong gold port sports culture development co. LTD

Anhui Lingmei sporting goods company

Zaozhuang mingzhu sports culture development co. LTD

Zaozhuang aishang table tennis and badminton club

Highlights of competitions over the years

Referee photo

Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, the more sharpened the more the light. The success of a wonderful event cannot be separated from the sweat and hard work of the athletes;
It is inseparable from the coaches being busy on the sidelines without disorder, reasonable guidance tactics;
It is inseparable from the high standards and strict requirements of the referees to ensure that each game is objective and fair.
Amami wishes each team good results!

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