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2019 "ling mei cup" anhui junior badminton championship starts!

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Sports is the best education, especially in the adverse circumstances, but also can exercise the children's quality of consciousness;
On the morning of August 13, more than 300 elite badminton players from the whole province braved the hot summer, under the joint efforts of all the referees and staff, sponsored by anhui provincial sports bureau, anhui provincial education department, and undertaken by anhui provincial badminton association and hefei sports center operation management co., LTD.

The 2019 "nyeongmei cup" anhui youth badminton championship co-organized by anhui lingmei sporting goods co., ltd. kicked off in hefei Olympic sports center.

Match ball: lingmei no.6 shuttlecock

Date: Aug. 13, 2019 -- Aug. 17, 2019

Competition address: hefei Olympic sports center gymnasium

The game is not only a technical contest, more is a psychological contest, two equal strength of the people of the game, the winner depends on who is good psychological quality!And this is very important for the growth of children!

With the pace of the judges, the young athletes gathered together, began the wonderful competition;

The judges are meticulous, serious and responsible, fair and impartial competition style, for the smooth progress of the game to provide a guarantee.


In the game, the young players quickly entered the state, launched a fierce competition.Outside the parents, the small players after the game is not idle, in the audience to see the blood boiling, "refueling" slogan one after another, the championship in a cheerful, harmonious atmosphere in the warm.

Badminton, as a sport with a mass base increasing year by year, is deeply loved by the masses, especially the majority of young badminton fans.

Anhui provincial youth badminton championship not only provides more opportunities for youth and children to communicate with each other, but also excavates and reserves excellent badminton players to practice by competition, so that young players and potential players can be familiar with the competition environment and atmosphere.

As the co-organizer of this competition, lingmei sports has been committed to promoting the development goal of Chinese badminton, providing strong support for every badminton game, so that badminton fans can enjoy the happiness and health brought by participating in sports.

It is not certain that your child will turn against the wind like nezha this summer, but participating in the 2019 "Lingmei cup" anhui provincial junior badminton championship will definitely help your child learn to grow up like nezha.

Through a fair field of professional competition, the level of the test, the harvest of friendship, superb badminton skills to win the audience's bursts of applause, but also to show the good spirit of the youth in our province!





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