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The 2019 "ling mei cup" anhui junior badminton championship is about to start.

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Do you avoid sports because it's so hot in August?

Have you started to lament the boring life of summer vacation?

Take it easy

Ling mei gave a gift to the nation's youth
 - ding ~ please check!

The 2019 "ling mei cup" 

anhui junior badminton championship is coming!

I will draw a few key points for you.

Competition shuttlecock:

 Lingmei NO. 6 

Competition time:

August 13th to August 17th

Game address:
Hefei Olympic sports center gymnasium

From all over the city a total of more than ten teams to participate in the competition, coaches, athletes, judges nearly 400!A badminton feast is about to ignite Hefei Olympic sports!

Whether in order to enjoy the wonderful game, or in the summer vacation after the relaxation, you are welcome to love badminton person came to watch! August 13, meet Olympic sports we will be there waiting for you!

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