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2019 "China sports lottery - ling mei cup" shandong provincial badminton championship starts with passion

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翎美LING MEI 7月18日

2019 "China sports lottery - ling mei cup" shandong provincial badminton championship starts with passion

This badminton championship is sponsored by shandong table tennis badminton management center, hosted by weihai sports bureau, co-organized by wendeng district education and sports bureau, shandong jinmatou sports culture development co., LTD and anhui lingmei sporting goods  co., LTD.

A total of 610 coaches and athletes from 15 teams from the whole province participated in the competition. There were an unprecedented number of coaches and athletes.The top 8 entrants will be awarded the achievement certificate, and the top 3 will be awarded gold, silver and bronze MEDALS

Time: July 16 - July 26

Venue: wendeng district sports park, weihai
Match ball: no. 5 ball of ling mei

professional competition venue, the domestic outstanding referee team, the road traffic consummation and the transportation, the strict medical treatment guarantee and the star hotel's accommodation, all aspects of a series of fine arrangements, all reflect this competition's rigorous and professional!

Before the competition began, the players could not contain their ambition, they all wanted to compete with each other to win the game.

Athletes of each team sweat and burn passion in the competition.Flying badminton line out a beautiful arc, fighting spirit in a cry of sublimation.

Serve, smash, a wonderful round is always accompanied by endless refueling voice, they seem to be a moment between condensing into a group, encourage each other, care for each other, like a big family to encourage together, common experience sports competition brings passion, health and happiness, strive to win glory for the representative team of each region.

The excitement continues,

Lingmei sports wish the championship a complete success.

All teams and athletes achieve ideal results!

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