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The 2019 Chinese middle school students badminton championship starts today!

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On the morning of July 23, 2019, Chinese middle school students badminton championship opened in weifang no. 4 middle school, shandong province.This competition is sponsored by Chinese middle school student sports association, 80 teams from all over the country, a total of 760 players, gathered in the field, weifang will be launched for a period of 7 days of intense competition, this competition designated ball: ling mei 5 ball!

I took a few photos of the opening ceremony and the games. Now let's take a look at those behind the scenes who are working hard for the games.

competitors waiting for admission

Hard-working referee

Strong game guarantee

The tournament

It not only shows the spiritual outlook of contemporary students

Also aroused the youth to enhance the physical quality of the initiative and spontaneity

At this moment

Forget about it and jump higher and higher on the court

Pick up a racket

Kindle the blood in your heart

Hot weather, hot sweat

Focused eyes

Firm belief

This is a youth badminton feast

The sound of sneakers rubbing against the ground

The referee's simple and loud announcement

The sound of a clear, powerful shot

"Shouts from the crowd and teammates

Mutual crisscross

We learn from each other and encourage each other in the contest

Fully showed the middle school students positive

Civilized and healthy spirit

Finally, lingmei sports

wish all the competitors can get a good result in this competition

Hope you are on the road in the future

Can quality personality fully display

Make further progress!

On the way to dream

Walk more and more light, walk more and more firm!

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