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Sports color cup 2019 "China badminton industry base" Wuwei elite badminton competition is about to start!

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Wuwei as an ordinary small county of Wuhu


It's really not "doing nothing."

Instead it is doing a lot.

Sports color cup 2019 "China badminton industry base"

Wuwei elite badminton competition

Will be started in Wuwei , the home of badminton

 This competition is jointly held by Anhui badminton association and Wuwei county people's government .

The shuttlecock used for this match is "Lingmei no.3 shuttlecock".

 Competition time :June 28 - June 30


In the evening of June 28, the opening ceremony will be held at the same time

Two games on the morning of June 29th

Two games on the afternoon of June 29th

On the morning of June 30, two matches will be held and the closing ceremony will be held


There will be a national second team (red team, blue team)

Jiangsu team, Shanghai team, bayi team

Six teams, including the anhui team, competed




 比赛地点competition site

Wuhu wuwei county national fitness complex

(200 meters north of the intersection of kaifan road and dujiang road)


It is understood that this is the first time for Wuwei county to hold a national badminton event. As a local industry, Lingmei sports warmly welcomes badminton fans to come and watch it!

Feel the elegance of the national team and the excitement and passion brought by sports, feel the cultural heritage of the hometown of badminton, feel the flying life of no. 3 feather shuttlecock in the field!

Finally, let's cheer for the athletes!Cheer for Lingmei sports! Anhui people for our own brand refueling!

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