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National team players to the game in Wuwei, super luxury line-up can not miss!

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2019 "China badminton industry base" Wuwei elite badminton competition kicked off in Wuwei county, east China's anhui province in the evening of June 28, 2018.

Chinese badminton association, anhui provincial sports bureau, China culture, education and sporting goods association, wuhu sports bureau, wuwei county party committee and county government leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The national second (red team, blue team), Jiangsu team, Shanghai team, bayi, anhui team and other six teams will launch a three-day race!

This time also invited the famous guest coach, four world badminton champions gathered in wuwei, more national team players to the scene!

Wuwei City, head of wuwei county people's government, pointed out in his speech that this competition is the first time that Wuwei county holds a national badminton event. "it plays a strong role in creating a sports atmosphere, arousing the enthusiasm of the whole county and promoting the establishment of a strong sports county in Wuwei county.

In recent years, wuwei has taken "ball" and "feather" as its "ball" and "feather". Through a series of sports events, wuwei has further promoted the brand awareness of county feather and down and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry.Finally, he wished the athletes good results.

At the opening ceremony, the responsible person of China culture, education and sports products association also awarded the title of "China badminton industry base · Wuwei" to the people's government of Wuwei county.Wuwei has thus become the first industrial cluster in China to be granted the title.

19:30, Anhui province sports bureau party members, deputy director Wang Dajun announced the official start of elite competition!

With a nervous and excited mood, Xiaobian take you to see the scene of the race ~

Before the match starts, little sister is handing out our game balls to all the guests.The guests had a fun trial match!

Lingmei badminton has always been very awesome ah! At the end of the trial, the badminton players of this major came on to show their elegant demeanor.

The beginning is quite fierce!The red team from the national team stands against the Anhui team and the blue team from the national team stands against the Shanghai team!The powerful swing, the flexible turning body, the high skill fighting, fully demonstrated the badminton movement charm, the instant infection entire court!

White ball flying in the air, really do not have some scenery!The participating teams have fully mobilized the potential and enthusiasm of their players, and every minute counts. Everyone is playing with great enthusiasm, and the cheerleaders are full of blood, cheering for badminton players all the time!

Chinese badminton player Yu Xiaoyu coaches players of Anhui Lingmei team during halftime.

Joy does not close, health does not sleep, as Wuwei county national fitness complex built, there will be more joy with you, health and you share, the game is 3 days, the vast ball friends go to see it!

Game information

1.Race time: evening June 28 - morning June 30

2.Event schedule: two matches in the evening of June 28 (the end of the opening ceremony) → two matches in the afternoon of June 29 → two matches in the morning of June 30 and the closing ceremony

3.Venue: Wuwei county comprehensive national fitness center (200 meters north of the intersection of Kaifan road and Dujiang road, Wuwei county, Wuhu city)

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