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The third amateur badminton league in songjiang district has begun.

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2019 songjiang district third amateur badminton league

At this time of year, it is the beginning of Shanghai songjiang district amateur badminton league. On April 21, the league was officially launched.

Although this is a non-governmental spontaneous organization of the game, but the size of the squad is not small, including the university students from the united, jiuting and songjiang city a total of 12 high-level sports teams, the personnel composition is quite rich;

There are also exchange students from Japan, Laos and other foreign universities. With the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of these badminton fans, the competition is held every year with great success!

Behind the success of nature, the organizers of the hard work, here, special thanks: Shanghai songxiao sports culture co., LTD., David sports, to the great support of the game!

This match shuttlecock: Lingmei no. 7 goose feather shuttlecock !

In the competition, each participating team plays a good role, the athletes in the field of struggle, who are not willing to be outdone, do show style.

Players display their skills and skills, to the badminton club friends, fully show the health, vitality and positive energy side!

The figure on the field formed a beautiful landscape, caused countless applause and cheers of the spectators!

Fighting hard, leaving no regrets is the meaning of the game, the positive on the playground, are indelible wealth of life!

Shanghai songyu badminton hall

No. 388, north fangta road, songjiang 

district (songyu sports life park)

Love badminton friends

Looking forward to your coming!

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