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Follow Lingmei out of the country!Show you the beautiful -- [Romania]

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Do you know?

How beautiful Romania is ?

The place where the romantic Danube and pruitt rivers meet,

Slowly flowing into the black sea,

medieval towns were scattered among them.

As you approach her,

You'll find her beauty in your eyes,

So beautiful you can't even open your eyes.

The rolling carpathian mountains,

A quiet and beautiful mountain view

History can be traced back to the black church in the 13th century

A colorful city with house as beautiful as a fairy tale like a candy box

A world of snow and ice

Have a vampire

Count dracula

A grim and mysterious castle

There was king carroll I

Not hesitate heavy gold

Beautiful Summer Palace

It's sponsored by Lingmei sports

BBS - winter edition

Badminton competition

Make a fresh start,

Let China Lingmei badminton fly farther.

Let "Lingmei brand" like bright pearl

Scattered in every corner of the earth.

Step out of the country, to the world!

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