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Defend home court! Badminton super league round 6, Anhui Jiaqiao defeat Hunan hualai!

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2018-2019 China's badminton club super league 6 rounds of competition, Anhui Jiaqiao against Hunan Hualai, two world championship in combination , eventually 3-2 reversal, staged an fight against longer odds.

The first men's doubles match, Hunan team He Jiting/Liu Xuanxuan beat anhui team Tan Qiang/Zheng Xuhui 15-17, 16-14, 11-9 after three fierce rounds.

The second women's match, Wang Zhiyi of anhui, the runner-up of this year's youth Olympic Games, defeated Zhou Meng of Hunan 15-8 and 15-9 in straight sets, the two teams tied at 1-1.

The men's doubles is a one-sided contest, representative Hunan goes out the world championship champion, the double tower combination Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen beats the Anhui combination Yu Xiaoyu/Tan Qiang by 15 to 9, 15 to 11, the Hunan team big score 2 to 1 leads the Anhui team.

The key men's singles match, the Anhui team from the Anhui province sent the world youth championship Sun Fei to face Hunan team national player Zhou Zeqi. The two sides battled fiercely for three sets. Sun fei seized the chance and won 15-11, 4-15 and 11-9.

The final women's doubles match was originally a contest without suspense. Hunan team of the world championship Gu Yifan/Chen Qingchen dominant strength, victory is understandable, but combination of anhui in the small containing/Wu Ying poetry, they lost in the first 8 than 15 cases vengeance, 15 two innings than 13, 11 more than eight consecutive wins, 2 to 1 a shock win, to help the home team 3-2 on aggregate after locking the victory of the game, get a league game 2 victory.

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