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Market Matters

We gathered in weifang to talk about the future. On July 14th, lingmei sports appreciation banquet was held in Weifang aquatic palace.

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Together is looking back, but also looking forward

The past 20 years of market experience has helped lingmei grow into a towering tree

It is precisely because of the support and trust of our colleagues that lingmei achieves its brilliance today

For this, Lingmei company all staff to the long time support and concern of its U.S. work of leaders and customer friends best wishes!


On July 14th, Lingmei sports appreciation banquet was held in Weifang aquatic palace.

Grateful for the long-term support and love of customers,

This Thanksgiving meeting launched a series of preferential policies

The atmosphere of the reception was warm, and all customers participated in it one after another.

With a passionate opening performance, the reception officially started at 11 a.m.

Lingmei appreciation meeting Lingmei company general manager Mr Pan Qinghao, Weifang Wuhuan Sport general manager Ms, Kang Suling, the representatives of Mr Chen Zhaoyi delivered a speech.

Win-win cooperation between the two sides to create a better tomorrow

The cocktail party is grand and delicate, with good gifts for everyone.

Quiz game is more wonderful,

Worth 980 yuan C6 rackets, high-end goose feather ball, socks,grips and other prizes frequently sent out

Everyone happy come and back with fruitful results

Happy moments are always fleeting

Today is a wonderful day

The appreciation meeting came to a successful conclusion .

The friendship between the two sides is even deeper

Looking forward to our next meeting

We are family here

There is only one common goal

let's fight together

Fighting 2018!

A better future.

Never forget the original intention and forge ahead with perseverance

Introduce our Chinese badminton brand to the world

Strive for the first brand of the Chinese nation!

Lingmei,More beautiful because of you.

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